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Ivan Kreimer

I'm a content marketing consultant.

I specialize in e-commerce, SaaS, content marketing, SEO, lead generation, and online marketing in general. Learn more about my services in here: http://contentfiesta.com/content-marketing-services/.

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Entrepreneur article

5 Habits That Will Make You a More Creative CEO

Despite its importance, most CEOs have little time to foster their creative skills. The key to being a more creative CEO doesn't lie in how much time you spend per day, however.

As a CEO, you should also develop a habit around your creative skills so you don't have to spend too much time thinking about them.

Here are five recommendations to help you get started.

Shopify article

How to Design Product Pages That Convert Like a Boss

Product pages are the life and blood of any ecommerce store.

You can have the most beautifully designed site in the world, you can sell the most awesome products, and you can have the best customer support. But if your product pages are bad, you’re going to have a bad time selling to your customers.

As I like to say, your product pages are your shopping window, your sales clerk, and your cashier — all at the same time. They are the ones that make your sales happen.

That’s why you need to make your product pages convert like a boss.

In this post, I’ll explain how you can design your clients' product pages to increase conversion rates.

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The Art of eCommerce Upselling

Ecommerce is exactly the same as doing business in the offline world, except it is in the online world (groundbreaking, I know).

Most of the knowledge companies have gathered in the last 50 years can be used, or at least adapted, to the online world.

Among those things, we have the techniques companies use to increase their revenue, such as bundling, price anchoring, cross-selling, and upselling.


6 Ways to Lower Your CPC with Landing Page Optimization

If you want a Google AdWords campaign that's both high-converting and low-cost, you need to do a lot of things right.

You need to have a well-structured campaign that targets the right number of keywords to make it relevant for the searcher. You need to create magnetic ads to increase your CTRs. You need to bid the right amount to maximize your spending. Plus a lot more.

With such a long list of tasks to do, the question then becomes, where do I start?

From all the different directions you can take, I like starting in one of the key pieces of any AdWords campaign: your landing pages.

The relevancy and quality of your landing pages affect your Quality Score, which directly affects your cost per click (CPC). Because of that, optimizing your landing pages can help you save money while improving your conversion rates.

In this article, I will show you six ways you can lower your CPCs by optimizing your landing pages.

7 growth hacks to improve your content strategy article

7 Growth Hacks to Improve Your Content Strategy

Developing a content marketing strategy that works is hard. You need to understand your audience very well. You also need to consistently create high-quality content, so you can get people to share and link your content, all with the hopes of getting people to visit your site. The only downside is this process takes a lot of time. And even if you do everything right, you may not get the traffic you need.

What if there was a way to cut through these problems and get the results you want? Fortunately, there are not one, but seven ways to do so. Below are seven growth hacks to improve your content marketing and ignite your site’s traffic.

Descarga article

3 Ways to Use User Generated Content to Boost Sales

E-commerce stores succeed when they do two things right:

First, they attract people to their store.

Second, they make those people convinced they should buy from them.

But how do you attract those people? And, most importantly, how do you convince them to buy from you? Well, there's a whole lot of tactics you can implement to achieve both goals. There's one that stands out from the rest. And that is using user generated content.

All you need to do is take some time and implement one of the user generated content methods below.


3 Reasons You Need to Try Pinterest Ads

With over 150 million monthly active users and 9,700 pins every minute, Pinterest is the eighth largest social network in the Western Hemisphere.

Many companies still believe Pinterest is a fun social network that people only use on the weekends when they have nothing else to do.

There's plenty of data that disagrees with this idea.

With an $11 billion valuation and $300 million in revenue in 2016, Pinterest is a social network that means business.

If you don't believe me, then read the rest of this article, and you will see why Pinterest ads can truly help you grow your business.


How to Maximize the ROI of Your Lead Generation Campaigns

There's no question that lead generation is the key for growth for any B2B business; sometimes, however, a lead generation campaign can go awry and end up with a negative ROI.

Whatever the reason for that may be—and there are many—if you want your business to succeed, you need to make the most of your lead generation campaigns and achieve the highest ROI possible.


A definitive guide to growth hacking for content marketing

Search online and you will see articles about growth hacking everywhere. The only problem is many times growth hacking seems an abstract concept that only big companies can use.

This couldn’t be further from the truth.

Any company or website can use growth hacking to grow. Do you know why?

Because growth hacking is a mindset, not just a bunch of tactics used to improve your conversion rate.

If you are wondering what this mindset is all about and how to use it, fear not.

Since 93% of B2B marketers and 86% of B2C marketers use content marketing as their main acquisition channel, in this post, you will learn how the growth hacking mindset works and how to use it for your content marketing strategy.


How to Supercharge Your Online Store with User Generated Content

Today, any business owner can take advantage of the wealth of direct customer communications that are available thanks to the opportunities that the online realm affords them.

Want to show how happy your customers are with your products? In the past, you had to explain that. Nowadays, you can illustrate this with images taken by the customer themself holding and enjoying your product.

In this article, you will learn why User Generated Content (UGC) should be part of your retail marketing strategy and how to start implementing it today.


3 Ways to Increase Your Conversion Rate with Data-Driven Marketing

If you’ve been working in marketing for a few years, it’s likely you’ve heard about data-driven marketing.

Data-driven marketing, just like its cousin “growth hacking,” has become a big hit among the marketing community.

Far from being a fad, data-driven marketing is a real thing. Marketers want to learn more about it because it works. For example, a study carried out by Teradata found 78% of marketers use it for their strategic decisions.

The question is, what is data-driven marketing? And how can you use it to deliver better results for your company?

In this post, you’ll learn what data-driven marketing is by discovering how data and marketing work together. Then, you’ll learn three ways to increase your conversion rate with data-driven marketing.


How to Use Data to Drive Your Email Marketing

As a marketer, you know how important it is to use data to fuel your marketing campaigns.

It‘s your job to look at what works and what doesn’t in your campaigns, so you can then optimize them for better results.

As you have likely experienced, finding data isn’t hard. Most email marketing providers offer analytics dashboards that show all sort of information about your performance.

What can be a challenge is finding the specific data you need as well as finding insights to drive your campaigns.

This post will help you understand how data drives your email marketing campaigns.You will also learn the key data you need to have before you launch a campaign and finally, you will see a few ways you can leverage data to improve the performance of your campaigns.


How to Create Customer Journeys That Convert Like Gangbusters

In 2017, content marketing and email marketing are two tactics most online businesses use to acquire customers.

If content and email marketing are so effective and popular, why do only 67% of B2C companies and 53% of marketers say email and content marketing, respectively, are effective?

If both tactics work, why don’t more companies find them successful?

A big reason has to do with one simple fact: they don’t tie both tactics together.
This means they create content separated from their email marketing strategy. Once they create content, they blast it through their email list hoping to get results.

This isn’t a smart way of doing business.

You see, understanding the relationship between email marketing and content marketing is the key to a successful business.

In this post, we’ll show you how to use email marketing and content to create customer journeys that convert like gangbusters.


5 Reasons Why You Should Use Video Marketing to Drive More Sales

What if I told you there’s one marketing tactic that can help you with two of those three goals?

No, it’s not a “magic tactic.”

It’s not a “black hat” unethical tactic.

It’s video marketing, and it works amazingly well.

Here are five reasons why video marketing is one of the most powerful tactics you can use to grow your store and drive more sales.

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How to do Content Marketing for E-commerce Stores the Right Way

Content engages people in a way no sales pitch can. Content touches people’s emotions: it makes them sad, angry, happy, excited, and much more.

At the same time, content can show them a picture of a problem of their life, and how they can solve it by using a product you sell.
That’s where the power of content marketing lies.

The best part is, any company can use this power for their own good. Including your e-commerce store.